Consistency and Repeatability at Scale

Plug in any data source

Save Yourself from Distractions and Headaches

No two APIs are alike. They can change or fail without warning. Handling streams of disparate data
requires rock solid monitoring and error handling. Switchboard connectors set up fast, so you can skip tedious,
error-prone work, and focus on producing business results.

Connectors Normalize and Streamline any Data Source

Configured with Credentials

No code or custom scripts
to maintain


New data sources
snap in quickly

Standardized Framework

Managed by a single

Constant Upgrades

Continually tested and

“Programmatic advertising requires full stack visibility. That pushes data
requirements for storing, normalizing, and analyzing a lot of data from
heterogeneous sources. If you’re not already doing this as an advertiser, you
could be paying a huge cost due to media inefficiencies.”

— Chris Martin, COO of MightyHive

Custom Data Sources

Switchboard's modular connector toolkit enables new connectors to be assembled, configured and productionized
within our platform with minimal effort. Contact us to explore any critical system or API that
doesn’t appear on our list of sample connectors.

Sample Switchboard Connectors

We support a broad range of systems. Below are examples of standard connectors in production:

Ad Serving and Delivery

  • DBM (DoubleClick Bid Manager)
  • DCM (DoubleClick Campaign Manager)
  • DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers)
  • Facebook Marketing Ads
  • Sizmek

Ad Networks

  • AdSense
  • Media.Net
  • Outbrain


  • DFP Active View
  • Integral Ad Sciences
  • Moat

Affiliate E-Commerce

  • Amazon Product Advertising
  • Narrativ/BamX
  • SkimLinks


  • Krux
  • Lotame
  • Oracle/BlueKai

Email Marketing

  • LiveIntent


  • AdX (DoubleClick Ad Exchange)
  • Index Exchange
  • OpenX
  • Rubicon

Raw Data

  • Amazon S3
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • SFTP

Sales and Order Management

  • Adbook
  • DoubleClick Sales Manager (DSM)
  • Operative
  • Salesforce

Site Measurement

  • Chartbeat
  • Facebook Instant Articles
  • Google Analytics Premium / AMP
  • Omniture


  • Facebook Insights (Post & Page, Video)
  • SimpleReach
  • SocialFlow


  • YouTube Analytics

You Need Connectors. We Build Connectors.

Switchboard connects to any business-critical data source.
Contact us if you have a critical system or API you want to connect.

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