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How MightyHive cuts through the noise of 60 billion GAM transactions a month for real-time analysis of programmatic performance.





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increase in reporting capacity



reduction in fraudulent activity



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Using Switchboard, MightHive enjoys increased programmatic ROI, accelerated R&D cycles, and lower fraud rates powered by better, faster data.


As a media buying powerhouse, MightyHive processes data related to billions of transactions per day across multiple systems. While their programmatic campaign management expertise fueled company growth, the volume of data (including massive impression-level GAM data transfer logs) meant MightyHive was losing up to two day’s worth of engineering resources per report.


Normalizing this data was mind-numbing, error-prone work that was sapping the energy of my team, when what they are passionate about is experimenting with data to drive programmatic ad performance


What Switchboard does

MightyHive selected Switchboard to provide data operations that would manage their programmatic advertising platform in one day. Today, the COO, engineering leaders, front-line analysts, and account and product managers all rely on Switchboard to create ad hoc BigQuery reports that leverage Switchboard's deep integration with Tableau. Pulled together continuously from massive ad servers, bid manager and programmatic exchange logs, the combined dataset reveals insights such as spend and bid patterns across multiple suppliers, transaction volumes compared across multiple audience segments, and time from initial impression to customer conversion.


By using Switchboard to power MightyHive's proprietary programmatic advertising platform, the company has achieved three key business results:

1. Improved Ad Performance: Switchboard delivers “force-multiplier” capability in terms of data aggregation and normalization. This empowers MightyHive to provide clients with granular data that optimizes ad spend in powerful new ways, such as improving bid/ask spread across programmatic campaigns, and increasing the accuracy of audience measurement.

2. Accelerated R&D: Switchboard enables rapid testing, which means MightyHive has gone from producing one report per day to 15 reports for 15 different clients per day - an increase of nearly 225x in reporting capacity. 

3. Dramatic Fraud Reduction: Data from Switchboard combined with MightyHive's analytical expertise and sophisticated heuristics has enabled an 85% reduction in fraudulent activity.

About Switchboard

Switchboard connects business operations teams to the information they need to make fast revenue and marketing decisions. Our platform plugs into a huge variety and volume of digital platforms and automatically structures your data for unified reporting and deep exploration — with zero development effort from your team. Switchboard lets your team answer precise revenue questions and gives them numbers they can trust because you’re not relying on one-off integrations, tools that don’t work together, or brittle custom code.

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Customer Spotlight


"The burning question used to be: how much did we make yesterday? Today, we can dig deeper and answer questions like: which ad products and content yield the highest ROI with which advertisers?"

Rich Zeroth, VP Programmatic Monetization, Dotdash Meredith

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“The prior method of compiling the CPH campaign reports took anything from two hours to half a working day. They can now take as little as 20 minutes.”

Barry Cassidy, Director of Advertising Data & BI

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“Switchboard enabled us to get our first data sets onboarded before new engineering resources were able to be brought in, so they could hit the ground running.”

Ameen Kazerouni, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Orangetheory Fitness

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