Retail media network use cases

Maximize your monetization opportunity with best in class media revenue analytics. Know what drives revenue today and what strategies to test tomorrow. Switchboard connects breaks down data silos so you can measure performance across both your 3rd party platforms and 1st party consumer segments.


Understand the big picture along with your top channels, partners, advertisers. Drill down into specifics in real time.

Streamline operations, improve accuracy, and make rapid data-driven decisions to optimize revenue generation and campaign performance.

Understand how different consumer segments are responding to ads and make effective decisions about inventory. Measure the impact as you shift your strategies.

Let your business partners know where it makes sense to invest more resources.

Eliminate hours of manual number crunching.

Always have access to the information you need to answer your executives’ questions.

Generate consumer insights that your sales team can use to win more business.

Reliable revenue analytics built from industry best practices, customizable for your business' unique needs

Revenue Operations

  • Revenue Operations Dashboard
  • Product / IO Line Items - Added Value
  • Deals / Sales Planners
  • Deals / Account Managers
  • EOM Reconciliation
  • Media Plans: Deals, Deal Members
  • Insertion Orders: Members, Line Items, Budgets

Campaign Analytics

  • Campaign Delivery: 1st Party vs 3rd Party
  • Total Value Delivered vs Revenue at Risk
  • Daily Pacing
  • Impressions Delivered and Discrepancy
  • Clicks and Discrepancy
  • Video Completions and Discrepancy
  • 3P Daily Campaign Delivery
  • 3P Daily Placement Impressions and Viewability
  • 3P Daily Placement Clicks

Programmatic Insights

  • Programmatic Revenue Overview by Day/Month
  • Programmatic Revenue Detailed Drill Down
  • Revenue Source Performance by Channel
  • Revenue Source Performance by Integration Type
  • Data Availability By SSP