Leverage a modern data foundation to seamlessly scale your digital performance marketing

Time for Growth, Not Grinding: Skip the time-consuming, repetitive data engineering, Unleash Actionable Insights. Get the trustworthy data you need, when you need it, to measure the metrics that matter.

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Trusted by leading consumer brands


Optimize your digital marketing performance


Dedicated best-in-class data engineering to give you the speed, quality, and control to run a modern growth marketing function


Make confident investment decisions backed by granular data across platforms of any and all sizes


Confidently run experiments with reporting that doesn’t take months to get right

Customer Spotlight

“If we hadn’t started working with Switchboard, given competing priorities we would still be trying to fill the engineering resource gap today. We had invested over eight months of engineering to overcome a data challenge that took Switchboard one month to solve – and now saves us 80 person-hours per month on engineering and operations overhead”.

Financial Engineering Lead

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"The burning question used to be: how much did we make yesterday? Today, we can dig deeper and answer questions like: which ad products and content yield the highest ROI with which advertisers?"

Rich Zeroth, VP Programmatic Monetization, Dotdash Meredith

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“The prior method of compiling the CPH campaign reports took anything from two hours to half a working day. They can now take as little as 20 minutes.”

Barry Cassidy, Director of Advertising Data & BI

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Digital performance marketing use cases

Modern Performance Marketing teams are inundated by the explosion and complexity of data from digital channels. Switchboard connects your business teams to clean, accurate, normalized data coming from hundreds of sources.


Understand which channels and campaigns are driving the highest customer acquisition

Determine the value of each customer touchpoint in driving conversion.

Gain a better understanding of how customers discover, buy, and use your products.

Know which segments respond to ads on which digital platforms.

Dig into your data to answer the one-off questions and discover new opportunities to improve.


A pioneering streaming service provider consolidated 250+ global marketing channels and proprietary business rules in 60 days with zero additional headcount.

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Why choose Switchboard for digital performance marketing?


Owned by the business team

Unlike general-purpose ETL tools, Switchboard collects data and also cleans and structures it for reporting, so you don’t need to rely on data engineers.

Better data quality

Feed accurate, up-to-date data into all reports so everyone trusts the numbers. Immediately know if data is missing or out of date.

Scale to hundreds of digital platforms

Get granular data from all your digital marketing channels, even if your data sets hit tens of billions of rows and terabytes per day.

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