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Are data sources multiplying?

When your business operations teams have timely, reliable access to revenue and marketing data, they make much better decisions. But few companies can hire data engineers as quickly as digital strategies must evolve. Without automating your data workflows, your data team will quickly be overwhelmed. Switchboard lets you build a flexible data stack that your business stakeholders can count on no matter what happens next.


Automate multiple layers in your data stack


Scale faster by getting rid of one-off integration efforts, incompatible tools, or brittle custom code.


Eliminate data silos from specialized reporting tools. Use your cloud storage and analytics tools of choice.


Save data engineering time so your team can focus on higher-value work that differentiates your business

Scale your data stack as fast as your business partners demand

Switchboard offers hundreds of pre-built connectors to digital marketing and advertising data sources. But we don’t stop with connectivity; our solution also provides best-practice workflows that transform and normalize those data sources so they can be used in unified reporting. Save time not only on plugging in the systems but also on understanding your users’ business goals and the specialized APIs and data schemas for each platform. Just add your credentials and activate in minutes!


Dotdash Meredith saved 5,000 engineering hours per project of development and data preparation and reduced the time to backfill API data from several months to just a few hours/days.

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Use automation to free up valuable resources

Let go of the burden of supporting dozens if not hundreds of finicky third-party data APIs, as well as the maintenance and monitoring that doesn’t get recognized unless something is broken. Collect data from partners that use proprietary formats as well as partners that don’t have APIs.


Eliminate key points of failure

A data error or delay can be caused by one of multiple systems, hand-rolled code, vendor APIs, credential changes, and more. With Switchboard, you’re not dependent on custom code that can easily break.


Identify and solve problems before they affect business decisions

Learn about problems from your data pipeline, not your users. Switchboard automatically updates your data pipelines when partners change APIs or data formats, without the need for additional development work on your part. Our system monitors and logs every data pipeline to detect problems faster and resolve issues.


Customer Spotlight


“Things like APIs, schema, and data sizes for DFP and YouTube make understanding the performance of content and inventory across dozens of global properties really complex. Switchboard was able to start automating our production data in less than a week.”

Amanda Yang, Data Scientist, VICE

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“The prior method of compiling the CPH campaign reports took anything from two hours to half a working day. They can now take as little as 20 minutes.”

Barry Cassidy, Director of Advertising Data & BI

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“Switchboard enabled us to get our first data sets onboarded before new engineering resources were able to be brought in, so they could hit the ground running.”

Ameen Kazerouni, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Orangetheory Fitness

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Improve data quality

Establish a single source of truth for revenue analytics or digital marketing performance by managing the process of cleansing, de-duping, and normalizing data in one system. Switchboard’s data governance capabilities let you know where your data came from and how it has been transformed or normalized. You can also see who made changes to data normalization processes.


With Switchboard, the Financial Times has freed up time that its data team previously spent tracking down data issues. Reporting users now have a 3x increase in reporting frequency and a 5x increase in data granularity with no additional staffing.

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