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Spend your time exploring new ideas, not wrangling data

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Is your revenue on track?

With timely, accessible, trustworthy data, you always know how you’re doing across your digital platforms. You’re ready to explore new ideas and business opportunities. Without trustworthy data, you may be losing revenue, wasting money, or guessing on where to get started. Switchboard gives you control over your data infrastructure, no matter how many platforms you operate on and how many data sources you have.


All the data RevOps needs to optimize the business


Answer important revenue questions with confidence with unified KPIs based on standardized, up-to-date data


Launch new digital platforms and run experiments knowing that you’ll be able to measure the impact


Own your data infrastructure by eliminating the need for repetitive data engineering work

Unified RevOps KPIs

Our prebuilt connectors include configurable data workflows that automatically collect, clean, and normalize data based on best practices for each data source and your unique business processes. Access this data through your cloud storage and analytics tools of choice.


Hundreds of data sources, enterprise scale

We have connectors to hundreds of ad tech platforms: ad servers like Google Ad Manager; SSPs like AppNexus, OpenX, or TradeDesk; social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok; and video services like YouTube. Our platform does all the work of managing these live feeds — at terabyte scale — so you can stay focused on your business.


Faster answers to your important revenue questions

Answer executives’ questions, run experiments, explore new channels, and get ideas in-market without months of work from data engineering resources. Quickly onboard new data sources, even when your partners provide data in proprietary formats and you don’t have someone on staff who understands their reporting. Keep exploring your data to find ways to bring in incremental revenue.


Customer Spotlight


“The prior method of compiling the CPH campaign reports took anything from two hours to half a working day. They can now take as little as 20 minutes.”

Barry Cassidy, Director of Advertising Data & BI

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“Switchboard enabled us to get our first data sets onboarded before new engineering resources were able to be brought in, so they could hit the ground running.”

Ameen Kazerouni, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Orangetheory Fitness

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"The burning question used to be: how much did we make yesterday? Today, we can dig deeper and answer questions like: which ad products and content yield the highest ROI with which advertisers?"

Rich Zeroth, VP Programmatic Monetization, Dotdash Meredith

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