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Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness unifies disparate data to drive lead funnel conversion and member engagement.




500 ad accounts

continuously onboarded into Snowflake


120 engineering hours

saved each week


From 2 quarters to 2 months

development time to build strategic data assets

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For over a million members in 1,200 studios across 23 countries, Orangetheory Fitness isn’t just a workout. It’s a coach-inspired science that uses a centralized data-driven approach to create a deeply personalized experience and a vibrant community.


Customer and marketing data from many sources - like many organizations, Orangetheory Fitness has a massive amount of data - from typical multi-channel marketing data sources to highly granular customer information down to the heartbeat. But having full visibility into a structured view of all this marketing and customer engagement data is the key to showing members that Orangetheory transforms every individual’s health positively. The big opportunity is to attract new members to reinforce this deeply felt mission by acting on this data.

Data engineering team’s priorities - meanwhile, Orangetheory’s engineering team is focused on building and supporting many core internal systems. Waiting for new engineering hires to build new integrations isn’t an option - plus managing the constantly changing data sources quickly becomes unsustainable. Orangetheory creates campaigns using new engagement platforms with all this data, and targets these campaigns to various agency partners and hundreds of independent franchises. The complexity of quickly bringing this together would also require months of engineering effort to get started.

Growing hyperlocal marketing at scale - for Orangetheory this is an important but a complex data engineering task. The team needs to route campaign performance data in a secure, privacy-compliant way while being able to strategically understand how local marketing efforts are working. Hence the decision to double down on their analytics investment and partner with Switchboard.


Switchboard enabled us to get our first data sets onboarded before new engineering resources were able to be brought in, so they could hit the ground running. It’s that kind of velocity and agility that has enabled us to take advantage of the data opportunity so quickly.


What Switchboard does

Unifying data across sources - Switchboard aggregates and normalizes 500 disparate ad and social accounts directly into Snowflake, allowing the marketing team to access different views of the data whenever they need them, and quickly report on a range of KPIs from highly granular to enterprise-level, including CPI, CPL, and CAC. Switchboard’s ready-made data “recipes” enable the team to handle the nuances of a diverse range of data sources (search, social, user events, buying platforms) in a repeatable and scalable manner. More importantly, the business team can layer in their own unique business logic for attribution and conversions without burdening engineers.

Leads and attribution clarity - attribution becomes increasingly more complex with each new channel. With Switchboard, Orangetheory has deep visibility into its complex ad network and can unlock ad partner data with a robust attribution model so the team can put a dollar value on any metric, including last-click and multi-touch attribution.

Switchboard’s platform gives Orangetheory’s marketing analytics team rapid and accurate visibility into their lead funnel. Automation and data quality monitoring help ensure that data is always timely and trustworthy, even at the large scale required for event-level web analytics logs.

Optimized funnels, optimized data - all this frees up Marketing from worrying about reporting and data reliability and enables them to focus on engaging with prospects with the specific message and cadence to maximize marketing ROI and accelerate conversion.

Orangetheory also benefits from a strategic data asset that unlocks capabilities across the organization: marketing analytics that fuel member growth, and a personalized customer experience that drives community engagement (not to mention fitness levels) through the roof.

About Switchboard

Switchboard connects business operations teams to the information they need to make fast revenue and marketing decisions. Our platform plugs into a huge variety and volume of digital platforms and automatically structures your data for unified reporting and deep exploration — with zero development effort from your team. Switchboard lets your team answer precise revenue questions and gives them numbers they can trust because you’re not relying on one-off integrations, tools that don’t work together, or brittle custom code.

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“It would have cost an estimated $400K+ and at least six months if we built this ourselves; not to mention maintenance and ownerships costs.”

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