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"The burning question used to be: how much did we make yesterday? Today, we can dig deeper and answer questions like: which ad products and content yield the highest ROI with which advertisers?"

Rich Zeroth, VP Programmatic Monetization, Dotdash Meredith

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“The prior method of compiling the CPH campaign reports took anything from two hours to half a working day. They can now take as little as 20 minutes.”

Barry Cassidy, Director of Advertising Data & BI

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“Things like APIs, schema, and data sizes for DFP and YouTube make understanding the performance of content and inventory across dozens of global properties really complex. Switchboard was able to start automating our production data in less than a week.”

Amanda Yang, Data Scientist, VICE

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Financial services customer acquisition is more digital and more complex every day

To keep your competitive edge, you need timely, accessible, trustworthy data about your performance in digital channels. Switchboard plugs into all your digital data sources and automatically connects your business teams to reporting-ready data so you can make effective decisions about marketing spend.


Get a clear view of digital customer journeys

Our platform plugs into a huge variety of digital and ad tech platforms and automatically structures your data so that it’s ready for roll-up reports and detailed analysis. It’s all automated — no need to staff your project with data engineers.


Answer the go-to-market questions that matter

Handle one-off questions from executives without hours or days of manual work in spreadsheets. Understand which channels and campaigns are performing best. Determine the value of each customer touchpoint in driving conversion.


Make faster optimizations

Run experiments, explore new channels, and look for ways to improve the business without months of work from data engineering resources. You can be confident that you’ll be able to measure results and course-correct as needed.


Manage compliance with fewer headaches

To comply with regulations like GDPR and CCPA, you need to know where your data is coming from and how it’s being processed. Unlike data platforms that use black-box processing to aggregate data, Switchboard data transformations and workflows are transparent. In addition, we version control all business rules in our platform, so that you know when something changed and who made the change.


Why Switchboard for digital-first financial services?


Granular data at enterprise scale

Switchboard operates at terabyte scale, processing billions of rows of data from hundreds of sources per customer.


No need for data engineering resources

Switchboard automates data engineering tasks so your marketing team can get the answers they need faster.


Digital platform expertise

We know your data sources. This expertise is built into our platform and in the ongoing advice we deliver on measurement and reporting.


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