Fast Implementation. Quick Payback.

Switchboard Delivers Unmatched ROI

Get your team focused on using data versus fighting with it. Switchboard's enterprise-grade DataOps SaaS platform
enables you to be up and running in weeks with a battle-tested solution versus months (or longer) for custom engineering projects.
Free your analysts from stale spreadsheets and unleash the confident decision-makers on your team.

Be Up and Running Before Next Month's Report

Custom Engineering
24 weeks


Deploy Switchboard
2 weeks

  • Cost Effective
    Switchboard costs 70% less (or more) than custom engineering projects.
  • Time-to-Live
    Be productive in weeks vs. months.
  • Reliable
    Another broken API? Eliminate constant maintenance.
  • 24/7/365 Alerting
    Automatic alerts prevent data surprises

“If you're trying to do what Switchboard does on your own as an advertiser or publisher—you're doing it wrong. It would have cost an estimated $400K+ and at least six months if we built this ourselves; not to mention maintenance and ownerships costs.”

— Chris Martin, COO of MightyHive

Free your Analysts to do Analysis...Not Wrestle Spreadsheets

(Don't confuse activity with action. Spending a day every week consolidating data is activity. Deriving insights from your data enables your Analysts to take Action.)

Unproductive Time


With Switchboard

  • No IT/Dev Support
    Stop pleading for IT/Dev resources to update a report
  • Unleash Your Teams
    Eliminate time-consuming manual busywork
  • Real-Time KPIs
    Drive business decisions with up-to-the minute data
  • Best Practices
    Collaborate with our domain experts in media data and analysis.

Same Quarter ROI

Stale Manual Reports




up to $1.65M
in additional revenue

  • Drill-Down Yield Metrics
    eCPM, Sell-Through, Availability across the business
  • Blended KPIs
    Join datasets to derive Revenue per Pageview, Sessions, User
  • Revenue Capacity
    Consolidated revenue across direct, programmatic, O&O/partner
  • Inventory Forecast
    Real-time forecasts available at your team's fingertips

Proven ROI

From the team that launched Google BigQuery, Switchboard was made for the demands of leading media companies like the Financial Times and Meredith Corporation—see their ROI highlights below, and read the full Case Studies for complete details .

Financial Times Meredith Corporation
  • Stood up sell-through forecast in one week, CPH ops solution in three weeks
  • Rolled out real-time forecasting available to all yield, planning, and ops teams, eliminating a manual bottleneck of four-person days per forecast
  • Large-scale data automation and governance was delivered via hosted platform, requiring no additional developer investment
  • Saved an estimated six months of development and data preparation - approximately 5,000 engineering hours - per project
  • The majority of external data sources, many of which required complex custom business logic, were onboarded in a matter of weeks
  • No additional staffing was required on Meredith’s part to manage its large volumes of advertising data.
If this thought has crossed your mind: "Current solutions are expensive, hard to implement, hard to budget, hard to maintain – so I avoid them and am not moving my business forward." Then let's talk about how we helped some of the largest media companies to Be Data Strong.