Beeler.Tech First Impressions with Switchboard’s CTO, Michael Manoochehri

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Beeler.Tech First Impressions with Switchboard's CTO, Michael Manoochehri

Most businesses today depend on digital platforms — and the data they generate — for their growth and competitive edge. With timely, accessible, trustworthy data, you always know how you’re doing in digital and are ready to explore new ideas and business opportunities. Yet that data ecosystem is getting harder to manage.

Without automating your data workflows, your data team will quickly be overwhelmed and your business teams will be left waiting for answers. Few companies can hire data engineers at the pace at which their digital strategies must evolve.

Switchboard Software’s mission is to do the complex integration and data engineering work that creates trustworthy data so their customers can stay focused on growing their revenue.

In this First Impressions, Michael Manoocheehri, CTO & Co-Founder of Switchboard Software, gives us an overview of Switchboard Software.



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