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Switchboard & Boostr Join Forces

Switchboard Jun 29

SB and boostr
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    Offers Publishers Industry’s First Integrated Solution for CRM+OMS+Data Ops

    Partnership delivers 360-degree revenue visibility for publishers

    We’re delighted to announce that we have partnered with Boostr, the leading omnichannel CRM and Order Management platform for media and advertising companies. Together, Switchboard and Boostr deliver a market-leading solution for CRM and OMS, powered by fully unified first- and third-party data, with integrated support and a single point of contact.

    Publishing customers like Fandom are already using the combined offering: “With Boostr and Switchboard, 100% of our direct and indirect revenue is automatically tracked with minimal intervention and visible at all levels,” said Rex Anderson, Director Revenue Systems & Insights at Fandom. “In the past, we had to run manual reports and pivot the data in spreadsheets to get a full view of our Direct and Programmatic business. Today, we use Switchboard to help manage our complex data from multiple systems including Boostr, resulting in less manual work with more frequent and deeper insights. This frees up our RevOps team to focus on analysis and growing revenue, and gives our Sales team direct access to their clients’ PMP daily delivery.”

    Why are we doing this? Two words: simplicity, and speed. It’s the opposite of what many publishers are faced with today – increasing complexity driven by commercial diversification and more/messier data – and the friction that causes in running their business.

    Our partnership brings publishers:

    • Speed to market: Publishers have a turnkey, fully integrated revenue stack up and running in weeks.
    • 360-degree visibility and scale: Publishers gain a total picture of revenue including ads, e-commerce, email/social, and subscription revenue channels. In addition to Boostr’s native first-party delivery data ingestion, publishers can get all their PMP (Private Marketplace) data ingested daily for forecasting, sales commission crediting and campaign performance monitoring.
    • Campaign optimization: Using Switchboard to continuously ingest third-party delivery stats into Boostr’s OMS, publishers will be able to optimize campaign performance using agency numbers, and speed up end-of-month reconciliation and billing.
    • Data warehouse integration: Publishers gain access to an enterprise-grade data automation platform that can aggregate, normalize and merge disparate first- and third-party data into any data warehouse without burdening their tech team.
    • Industry-leading data expertise: Publishers have access to best practices from Switchboard’s data experts and Boostr’s revenue experts.

    Consumer privacy and new monetization strategies are now top-of-mind for publishers. But that also comes with greatly increased data complexity. Our joint customers have shown how a well-integrated data ecosystem can unlock revenue growth. Working together with Boostr, we can ensure publishers get the most out of their data, so they can very quickly improve their revenue visibility, decision-making, and, ultimately, use data to increase the value of their business.

    Patrick O’Leary, Boostr Co-Founder and CEO, summed it up well: “We’re excited to partner with Switchboard to help our publisher clients track revenue goals across all buying channels and measure exactly how well their campaigns perform. Diversifying revenue models and a changing privacy landscape means these key metrics, which can make a real impact on success, are increasingly difficult to obtain. With Boostr and Switchboard, publishers will have these numbers readily available to analyze and adjust strategy in real-time.”

    To learn more about Boostr and Switchboard’s offering for publishers, visit the partner page here or get in touch today at

    About Boostr

    Boostr is the only platform that seamlessly integrates CRM and OMS capabilities to address the unique challenges of media advertising. With Boostr, companies gain the unified visibility necessary to effectively manage, maximize and scale omnichannel ad revenue profitability with user-friendly workflows, actionable insights, and accurate forecasting. For more information about Boostr, visit

    If you need help unifying your first or second-party data, we can help. Contact us to learn how.

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