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Switchboard Nov 4

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    As we continue to focus on how we can help customers accelerate the value of their software to extract meaningful data insights – we’re thrilled to announce Kathleen Marcell is joining us as our new Head of Customer Success!

    Kathleen has an extensive background in Customer Success (CS), having spent the last 12 years building and scaling CS teams at three companies through hyper-growth phases. She then consulted for over 30 early-stage companies to help them build strong customer success foundations.

    Commenting on what attracted her to Switchboard, Kathleen said: “It’s the unique problem that Switchboard is solving for data-driven companies. As a business leader myself, I’ve been in that position where you think you know what needs to be done, but you don’t have access to the data to make those right decisions.

    “As a platform with deep technical expertise, I knew there was an opportunity to get in and help connect what we’re doing on the technical side with more of the business owners, showing how we can help them understand the value of the tech, and solve even more problems, for multiple teams across their organization.”

    “We’re delighted to have Kathleen on our team”, said CTO Michael Manoochehri. “During the recruiting process, Kathleen impressed us with her breadth of knowledge about CS practice, as well as her leadership and communication skills. We’re excited for her to lead the CS team in ensuring every customer is onboarded quickly and efficiently, and has the training to achieve their long-term growth strategy.”

    As part of her role, Kathleen will work closely with the sales team, to make sure customers are maximizing the value of working with Switchboard as a partner, as well as the tech team, to ensure ongoing alignment with our customers’ roadmaps.

    Outside of work, Kathleen loves to travel and spend time with her husband and twin daughters. Fun facts about Kathleen: she plays the bagpipes in an Irish band and has completed 10 marathons.

    Welcome aboard, Kathleen!

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