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    Next week, we’re heading to New York for AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O conference which promises to deliver the latest insights into developments in programmatic marketing.

    One of the biggest trends that we’re seeing is the focus on first-party data as we prepare for a world without cookies. In fact, despite third-party data transitioning out, the quality of data available to programmatic advertising is likely to improve with the right strategies in place.

    We’re particularly looking forward to Building Better Ads: How Businesses Can Reimagine Audience Strategies happening on Monday October 17th. In this session, Google’s VP Global Ads, Dan Taylor, alongside AdExchanger’s Executive Editor, Sarah Sluis, will explore how consumers’ privacy expectations have changed, giving brands and their advertisers a chance to reimagine how they can connect with their audience online.

    The session will also cover “Google’s perspective on what advertising looks like on the road ahead – including how successful marketers are betting on a mix of first-party data, machine learning and privacy-preserving APIs to build their audience strategy.

    Also on the Monday, we’re looking forward to Closing The Addressable Gap: Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize, in which TripleLift’s VP Corporate Development, René Plug, explains how 50% of all ad requests do not have an identified user on the open web – and that’s before Google deprecates third-party cookies.

    As Plug describes, “that means lost revenue for publishers and missed KPIs for advertisers, not to mention a crappy ad experience for consumers.” This means it’s time to find a solution that will help advertisers close the addressable gap using first-party data.

    If you need help unifying your first or second-party data, we can help. Contact us to learn how.

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