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    Communities pull together in times of crisis. We want to share some of the initiatives that Switchboard’s customers are doing to be of service during this extraordinary time.

    The Financial Times has been producing acclaimed data journalism content around comparative impacts of COVID-19 on individual countries and regions. FT reporter John Burn-Murdoch’s chart of impacts by country has become an iconic record of the pandemic.

    The COVID Tracking Project led by The Atlantic staff writer Alexis Madrigal, has become the most comprehensive place to find up-to-date information about US testing and case tracking. This daily-updated resource has been referenced by news organizations across the United States.

    Both the FT and The Atlantic (along with many other news sources) have made key coronavirus coverage free to access without a subscription.

    Spotify understands that many musicians depend on income outside of their creative content to make a living. They’ve started the “Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project” to match donations to key musician relief organizations up to a total of $10 million. They have also created a hub for all COVID-19 related podcasts, and an interesting summary of how social distancing is changing streaming habits.

    Meredith’s Local Media Group has developed contingency planning to keep news stations on the air during impacts of Covid-19. All of Meredith’s local news stations are airing coronavirus updates every hour via mobile news apps and social channels. As some national programming has been cancelled, local stations are also adding special Covid-19 related newscasts.

    Pearson has launched a Covid-19 response page, and is providing free access to their e-book library for the rest of the term, for higher education students in the US, UK and Canada who are already using Pearson courseware. The Aida Calculus app is also free until June.

    Ranker recently launched, a TV recommendation app which uses the company’s rich source of ranking data to help people find digital programs that match their tastes.

    The most challenging times often bring out the very best in us. We are proud to see Switchboard customers taking a leadership role as we get through these tough times together.

    Stay safe.

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