DataOps: Taming the Data Tsunami to Be Data Strong

Our Ready-Made Data Automation Platform Reveals the Insights in Your Data

All your data sources managed
Aggregate Disparate Data Sources

Easily harness and manage single source of reliable, trustworthy information.

Row-level Monitoring account for every single row of data
Row-level Monitoring

Billions of rows of data, handled automatically in real-time. Transform, join, normalize, standardize - without teams of engineers.

Data Anomaly Alerts, know when something goes wrong
Data Anomaly Alerts & Logs

Be proactive: Know when there is trouble in your data before generating an incorrect report - or making an ill-informed decision.

No-Code Pipeline Editing. Copy, edit, deploy
There’s a Recipe for That

Copy, edit, deploy: Industry-standard recipes are customizable by your analysts to find new insights.

Ready to make confident decisions based on real-time campaign performance, programmatic activity, or yield optimization information? To do this sustainably at enterprise scale, you need DataOps - the process and approach to empower business teams to extract value from diverse datasets in order to deliver real-time, business-specific insights.

Forward-looking teams from leading media companies rely on Switchboard DataOps methodologies to make confident decisions that engage audiences and optimize yield and spend to grow revenue.

Drowning in Digital Media Data

Disparate Data Sources

The panoply of APIs, file formats, schemas, types requires computer science projects to format and join datasets.

Real-time means
Right Now

Responding quickly and confidently to hour-by-hour dynamic changes demands real-time insights - not a stale spreadsheet report.

Growing Volume

Data volumes have exploded with the availability of log-level event data, out-stripping the viability of pivot tables and manual reports.

Frequent Change

APIs and report formats change constantly and delivery can be unreliable - affecting the trustworthiness of your data streams.

“Things like APIs, schema, and data sizes for DFP or YouTube make understanding content performance and inventory across dozens of global properties and partners really complex. Onboarding this data is a huge technical challenge—Switchboard automated our production data in less than a week.”

—Amanda Yang, Data Scientist at VICE Media

From Data Tsunami to Competitive Edge

The volume and variety of data from constantly changing sources requires a sustainable approach. Switchboard’s ready-made data automation platform makes the connections so business leaders can focus on KPIs, and tech teams stay focused on innovation.

  • Real-Time Data Freshness — Decisions are only as current as the data upon which they are based. Waiting on hand-crafted manual reports not only slows down your business, but can result in missed revenue opportunities. Switchboard brings together data, and makes it accessible and actionable when you need it.
  • Automated Data Consolidation — We connect to all your remote data and first party data sources. We normalize the data from its varied formats and delivery methods, apply your business rules through “recipes” and join up different datasets so that your data is digestible and actionable - automatically and on-demand.
  • Seamless Scalability — From the team that launched BigQuery, we wrote the book on enterprise-grade DataOps SaaS platforms. Switchboard ingests billions of rows of log-level data and processes thousands of queries from dozens of data sources. We auto-scale to meet any requirements from a boutique operation to the largest enterprises.
  • Flexibility and Agility — Every month there are new data sources, new partners, new opportunities to find revenue. Switchboard enables an Excel-level analyst to define and manipulate complete data pipelines using human-readable script. The authoring environment has a standard workflow with testing, versioning, deploying and governing.
  • 24x7 Monitoring, Alerts, Logging — We watch so you don’t have to. When an API changes or a data source goes down without warning, you might not know until your report produces questionable results. Our monitored environment provides alerts, reports, recovery processing, and error logs.

Digital media data presents challenges due to volume and variety. Switchboard manages data

Be Data Strong
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