Data Should be an Asset, Not a Liability

DataOps Platform: Automation, Scale, and Visibility to Confidently Drive Decisions

All your data sources managed
Aggregate Disparate Data

All your data sources managed and governed using a single transparent process.

Row-level Monitoring account for every single row of data
Row-level Monitoring

Account for every single row of data; from extraction, and how it was transformed, through to delivery.

Data Anomaly Alerts, know when something goes wrong
Data Anomaly Alerts

When something goes wrong, be the first to know—and know where to look.

No-Code Pipeline Editing. Copy, edit, deploy
No-Code Pipeline Editing

Copy, edit, deploy: Industry-standard recipes are easily customizable to the needs of your business.

Looking to deliver real-time decision-making for campaign performance, programmatic activity, or yield optimization? You need
DataOps—the practice of automating and monitoring the data needed to drive crucial business decisions. Data can
be challenging, requiring specialized expertise, process and technology. Used by top media companies, Switchboard provides the
first DataOps solution designed specifically for the needs of digital media.

Why Data is a Challenge in Digital Media

Multiple Partners =
Disparate Data Sources

Different APIs, formats, and schemas require expertise to consolidate and join.

Real-time and

Data doesn't arrive just once; it comes at you constantly. Being data-driven means not missing a step.

Growing Volume

There's more data than ever from an expanding universe of platforms, more of which are producing enormous files.

Frequent Change

APIs and report formats change constantly, delivery can be unreliable, it's hard to monitor changes, let alone data fidelity.

“Things like APIs, schema, and data sizes for DFP or YouTube make understanding content performance and inventory across dozens of global properties and partners really complex. Onboarding this data is a huge technical challenge—Switchboard automated our production data in less than a week.”

—Amanda Yang, Data Scientist at VICE Media

A Smart Solution for a Complex Problem

Digital media data presents unique challenges, especially due to the volume and variety of data from constantly changing sources. Switchboard manages the data, so business leaders can focus on KPIs, and tech teams stay focused on innovation.

  • Automated Data Consolidation — Working with many data sources can be demanding. APIs differ in style, format, and can change without warning. Switchboard's platform uses industry best practices to consolidate and streamline critical integrations. Our turnkey connectors use just your credentials, saving significant engineering time and resources
  • Real-Time Data Freshness — Decisions are only as current as the data upon which they are based. Waiting on hand-crafted manual reports not only slows down your business, but results in missed revenue opportunities. Switchboard brings together data, and makes it accessible and actionable as soon as it's ready
  • Seamless Scalability — Scaling to handle very large datasets requires advanced techniques and drains engineering resources. Switchboard's platform is built to handle multi-terabyte payloads. Arriving daily, hourly, or faster, Switchboard scales to handle all your data, including historical backfill, when available
  • Flexibility and Agility — Your business is dynamic. Partners, customer needs, and tactics change at a rate that can severely burden IT and Dev. Switchboard's adaptable platform empowers data teams to enable change, not hold it back
  • 24x7 Monitoring, Alerts, Logging — Data-driven decision-making requires guaranteed robustness and reliability. But monitoring multiple points of failure, detecting data corruption and duplication is resource-intensive. Switchboard's end-to-end approach automatically instruments the entire data lifecycle across a variety of data APIs, formats, frequencies, and styles

Digital media data presents challenges due to volume and variety. Switchboard manages data

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