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Why SB is a GPTW
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    We recently announced our certification as a GPTW (Great Place To Work), and needless to say, we’re excited beyond words. Compared to typical companies who have an average score of 57%, at Switchboard, 100% of our staff agree it is a ‘great place to work’.

    But what makes Switchboard so great?

    Here is just a selection of what our team has to say when asked what is unique or unusual that makes it a great place to work.

    Enviable company culture

    “It feels like family.”

    “Switchboard has a unique culture. Every employee is an individual, yet everyone has the same growth mindset and is passionate about the work they are doing. We are encouraged to use our strengths, try new things, and work on side projects. The ultimate result is we all feel proud of the work we are doing.”

    “The business model is incredibly simple and easy to understand, making goals straightforward.”

    “Everyone here is collaborative and supportive. People fix problems rather than blame others for them. And they make space for others to experiment and learn, rather than expect all the answers up front.”

    “Everyone at Switchboard is conscientious and there’s no politics or backstabbing. It’s a place where staff can freely admit when they’ve made mistakes without fear of reprisal, and where everyone feels valued and encouraged to bring new ideas to the table.”

    “Recognition is abundant and sincere. Leaders genuinely care about building a strong culture of trust and transparency. The team strives for excellence, but there is still room and grace for being human and making honest mistakes.”

    Dedication and support abound

    “People genuinely go the extra mile to ensure that others succeed. It’s great to see and be a part of.”

    “People are caring and supportive of each other. I’ve only been here a few months but I feel very much at home and part of the team.”

    “It’s an excellent place to learn how to be a leader. Every employee is given opportunities to drive projects they own. We have a very flat hierarchy and value transparency.”

    “Everyone is very supportive of each other. Expectations are high; but you’re given every opportunity to succeed.”

    Flexibility is at our core

    “Everyone has the ability to work from home, and the freedom to test things out, as well as flexibility, understanding, encouragement, and constructive criticism.”

    “Management doesn’t pressure you with strict deadlines. They prefer you to take your time to perform better. Meetings are very useful, with very little wasted time.”

    “The work we do is exciting and everyone is proud of the impact they make both internally and externally.”

    A savvy startup

    “The culture here is everything that other teams aspire to or claim to be – but for real.”

    “For a startup I feel like this is a very stable environment and management is prudent with spending. We have what we need but we don’t overspend on frivolous things like many startups do.”

    “The company overall is inclusive, fun, forward thinking, responsible, caring, and wildly talented.”

    “The interview process and how management handles OKRs and plans. Awesome!”

    “The company really trusts people. They encourage and motivate you to do new things, and I’m always learning!”

    Access to management

    “Direct access to senior management when needed who are always happy to give their time to share useful insight into how Switchboard helps customers, and to convey technical information in a clear way”

    “Management puts great emphasis on the work culture and work-life balance. They prioritize our mental health. I’ve never worked for a company that cared so much about me as a human being.”

    And of course, free lunches!

    “The Friday lunches are unique and a great way to get to know coworkers online.”

    “I’d say the expensed team lunches on Friday where everyone gets together to discuss topics, their week, weekend plans etc. is a pretty great thing. I also think that the ability to have everyone on-call whenever you need anything, people are always willing to help no matter what”

    A growing team

    “Over the past three years, I’m proud to have seen this company grow from a small team to where it is today – and it feels great to be a part of that.”

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