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What are the top business logic platforms of 2023?

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    Business logic is an essential component of a data-first digital business. Without business logic, your data simply sits in storage until you use code such as SQL to fetch the data you need for business intelligence.

    This process is time-consuming and often inaccessible to non-tech teams in business who need insights to make decisions.

    Adopting a ready-made business logic platform is a great alternative to spending time and money in developing and maintaining a custom-made solution. In this short guide, we’ll go over some of the best business logic platforms available on the market today.


    First up is Switchboard, which can serve your business as a full data engineering platform. Switchboard’s data model uses the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) data pipeline approach by extracting your data from all your disparate sources, unifying it and transforming it into the format you need, and loading it into your data warehouse of choice.

    From there, Switchboard helps you build business logic by creating unique “data recipes” that allow you to build custom dashboards with the metrics that matter to your business teams.

    With its automated solutions, you can get real-time data insights and improved data engineering productivity. And it’s proven to scale up – unifying billions of rows of data – all in a no-code environment.

    Importantly, Switchboard can act as the “data arm” of your business, as it’s an all-in-one platform with a dedicated Customer Success team with expert-level knowledge in data analysis.


    Another similar business logic platform available is Matillion – which also uses the ETL data pipeline approach with a variety of connectors. Also in a no-code environment, you can build your ETL pipeline fairly quickly and get quick access to transformed data in a data warehouse of your choice.

    The business logic involved with Matillion is in its ability to assemble BI-ready data and build data workflows – however, Matillion doesn’t have native analytics or business intelligence tools built into the platform. So while you’ll have BI-ready data, you’ll need to connect Matillion to another third-party tool for data dashboards or deep analytics.

    Matillion also has a credit-based pricing strategy where you pay as you go for new instances, or creating new rows of data (which can quickly add up).


    Fivetran is another great low-code business logic platform available, but instead of running the data pipeline as ETL, it uses the ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) approach instead. This simply means your data gets loaded into your data warehouse of choice and is transformed at its destination.

    Another interesting feature of Fivetran is having access to pre-built data models to help answer ad hoc questions and deliver new reports. You can also use Fivetran to replicate on-premises to the cloud.

    Similar to Matillion, with Fivetran you pay for what you use in the form of monthly active rows which are calculated once a month.

    Azure Monitor

    The final business logic platform on our list is Microsoft Azure Monitor. This platform is a little different from the others on the list as it only focuses on the Azure ecosystem of products. Therefore, if you don’t use any Microsoft Azure products, this platform won’t be for your business.

    However, if your business does use an Azure infrastructure, then Azure Monitor might be an option for business logic as it has several analytical and visualization tools to help you make data-based decisions.

    Similar to Matillion and Fivetran, Azure Monitor uses consumption-based pricing – but features that are enabled by Azure Monitor by default don’t incur any charges.

    Find the right business logic platform today

    Business logic platforms offer a ready-made solution for companies looking to extract and transform data for use in business intelligence. These platforms can help businesses save time and money by providing pre-built data pipelines and tools for data analysis and visualization. Switchboard, Matillion, Fivetran, and Azure Monitor are four examples that offer unique features and capabilities.

    If you’d like to learn more about how Switchboard can help streamline your data pipeline and build meaningful dashboards with ready-made “data recipes”, read our Ultimate Guide or contact our team for a demo.

    If you need help unifying your first or second-party data, we can help. Contact us to learn how.

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