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Switchboard Oct 27

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    As we continue to grow and serve some of the most data-reliant companies in the world today, including Spotify, Target, Financial Times, and Orangetheory Fitness, we’re proud to announce Charles Hsieh is joining the team as VP of Sales.

    Charles brings a unique combination of experience in modern enterprise SaaS sales, ranging from best practices at Google and LinkedIn, to building the team from the ground up at HackerRank, and coaching early growth companies on their go-to-market strategies.

    Having begun his career as a software developer, and therefore understanding the inner workings of enterprise SaaS solutions, Charles is the perfect fit for Switchboard.

    Commenting on what attracted him to Switchboard, Hsieh said: “It’s the level of potential Switchboard offers. The technology itself is superior, and when combined with the deep domain expertise of the Customer Success engineers, it becomes a formidable proposition. While other companies offer point solutions, Switchboard has built a ready-made all-in-one platform.”

    Hsieh continued: “For instance, there are multiple unicorns in the enterprise data space that just do one thing. One well-known provider is focused on data extraction and ingestion, while another is focused on data transformation. These large companies do the same thing when combined, as Switchboard does on its own, which is to ingest incredibly large sums of data, customize it and transform it.”

    Over the next few months, Charles will help Switchboard maximize value for its customers and ensure the business has standardized messaging across outbound and inbound communications. He will also be responsible for overseeing the Sales team in their efforts to drive expansion, renewal and new business ARR.

    Outside of work, Charles is a father of two young children (seven and four) and is a passionate traveler with a religious bucket list. He took a year-long career break before joining Switchboard to travel the world with his family.

    Welcome, Charles!

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