A fireside chat with Ameen Kazerouni on Orangetheory’s data journey

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Fireside chat
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    Orangetheory’s data-driven DNA

    For over a million members with thousands of studios across 23 countries, Orangetheory Fitness is not just a workout but a coach-inspired science. Their philosophy is that fitness brings a holistic approach to health via high-impact classes with near real-time performance measurements.

    Data has been ingrained in their DNA and is the backbone of everything they do. With each new membership, their volume of data grows, too. From customer data down to the heartbeat, to social and other channel data, these massive data sets need organization to drive insights and broader engagement.

    But Orangetheory’s data journey is not just about simply connecting and automating these data streams. It is about understanding how and what to connect in a more meaningful way to enable sharper business decisions. It is about working with large data sets quickly without requiring a large engineering team. And, it is about doing this in a secure and a compliant way.

    In conversation with Ameen Kazerouni

    Join us on Tuesday, October 12th at 9.30 am PST/12.30 am EST for an in-depth fireside conversation with Ameen Kazerouni, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Orangetheory Fitness. Michael Manoochehri and Ju-kay Kwek, Founders at Switchboard, will be exploring this fascinating data journey with Ameen and dive into:

    • How Chief Data and Analytics Officers can partner with and empower their performance marketing teams at scale.
    • How a growing and forward-thinking enterprise like Orangetheory Fitness is successfully navigating the challenges of unifying their marketing data from disparate sources to streamline the funnel and increase their member engagement globally.
    • How Switchboard’s data automation engine works under the hood to help enterprises like theirs save engineering resources, increase speed to insights, and drive agility for performance marketing teams.

    Who can attend this webinar

    This is for all the data team leaders supporting strategic performance efforts for marketing and enabling them with advanced analytics. If you’re a Chief Data and Analytics Officer, a VP of Analytics and Data, or are leading an enterprise data team, and your answer is a firm yes to any of these questions, we welcome you to this fireside chat!

    • You’re trying to bring different data feeds from dozens of sources for your performance marketing teams towards creating sharper business results.
    • You’re dealing with many heterogeneous, proprietary tools and systems to drive the data operations process efficiently.
    • You’re short-staffed and trying to bridge the data gap but don’t know where to begin.

    If you need help unifying your first or second-party data, we can help. Contact us to learn how.

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