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About Us

Switchboard reveals real-time insights for digital media companies and advertisers by harnessing their data. When Switchboard’s co-founders launched Google BigQuery in 2012, they saw first-hand that the amount of data media companies were grappling with was rapidly outstripping their ability to utilize it. Switchboard was created to help solve this problem.

Our ready-made data automation platform turns disparate data into a single source of reliable, trustworthy information. Forward-looking teams from the Meredith Corporation, The Financial Times, Spotify and others have left behind outdated spreadsheets and custom engineering projects. Today, they rely on Switchboard to make confident decisions that engage audiences, optimize yield and spend, and grow revenue.

Be Data Strong with Switchboard.

Our Team

  • Switchboard software founder Ju-kay Kwek
  • Switchboard software founder Michael Manoochehri
  • Switchboard software Head of Sales
  • Switchboard software customer success consultant Lauren Riera
  • Switchboard software chief architect Topher Olson
  • Switchboard software engineer Zsolt Szabo
  • Switchboard software engineer Gene Conroy-Jones

Ju-kay Kwek

Co-founder, CEO

Ju-kay oversees Strategy, Sales and Product at Switchboard. He launched Google BigQuery in 2011 as one of the founding executives of Google's Cloud Platform business unit. In that role, he partnered with a Top-5 global agency to build the world's largest DoubleClick and Audience Analytics pipeline. Ju-kay also launched Google Feedback in 2010 and worked on Google's global datacenter infrastructure going back to 2008. Prior to Google, he did product management and engineering at Wily Technology, before its acquisition by CA Technologies. He cut his teeth on enterprise software at SAP. Ju-kay holds MS and BA degrees from Carnegie Mellon University.

Michael Manoochehri

Co-founder, CTO

Michael manages Technology and Customer Success at Switchboard. He spent four years at Google building the BigQuery and App Engine developer ecosystem. Before the Internet of Things was cool, he created a real time crowd reporting tool for Google's I/O conference connecting hundreds of wireless sensors. Prior to Google, Michael did startup engineering at ManyMoon (acquired by Salesforce), and spent a number of years working in digital broadcast media and technology publications. He earned degrees in Information Management and Biology at UC Berkeley.

Patrick Darmody

Head of Sales

Patrick matriculated at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where he developed his fascination with technology. He founded his first company as part of a design entrepreneurship program at the college of engineering, which led to an education in the digital media space as a Product Manager at the founding team of DoubleClick’s next venture, Graphiq (acquired by Amazon). Patrick has made a career of Enterprise sales and also advises early stage startups on go-to-market strategies. When he’s not focusing on driving revenue for our customers, Patrick enjoys weightlifting, writing, and taking his Corgi James to the dog park.

Topher Olson

Chief Architect

Topher loves to code. He built the open-source distributed database TreodeDB. Before that Topher spent six years at Google writing tools to manage its data centers, fleet of machines, and multitude of services. Topher also worked at WebMD and Oracle. When not writing features, refactoring code, and sleuthing bugs, he can be found lifting weights, shooting photos and eating. Topher earned his Master's at UC Santa Cruz, and his Bachelor's at Carnegie-Mellon University.

Gene Conroy-Jones

Software Engineer

Gene spends his days crafting intuitive UIs using the latest design standards and frameworks. He enjoys working with enthusiastic teams focussed on tangible enterprise solutions. In his free time, Gene can be found researching the latest and greatest engineering tools, and raising a three year-old and twin boys. If there is any spare time after that, he can be caught snowboarding on the slopes of Whistler or DJing in his garage.

Zsolt Szabo

Software Engineer

Zsolt is happiest creating automated solutions, from a distributed build system at BEA Weblogic to network outage tests at Riverbed Technology. An all-round team player, Zsolt owned key automation while simultaneously supporting security and ops as director of DevOps at ContractWrangler. When not at gymnastics meets or hockey games, Zsolt can be found solving problems at a a bay area climbing gym.

Lauren Riera

Customer Success Consultant

Lauren's brain is wired to pay attention to the tiniest detail making her the perfect addition to the Customer Success team. As a project manager she works closely with clients and the Switchboard Engineering team to ensure everything runs smoothly. Prior to Switchboard, Lauren spent several years working in fine arts museums honing her project planning and communication skills. When not working, this born and bred San Franciscan can be spotted celebrating the diverse arts and music scene that she grew up in and volunteering at community events. Lauren earned her Master's at the University of San Francisco, and her Bachelor's at Simmons College in Boston.

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Our Advisors

  • Switchboard software VP Engineering at Stitch Fix Randy Shoup
  • Switchboard software VP, Analytics Products at Automation Anywhere Jay Bala
  • Switchboard software Chief Operating Officer, BrowserStack Shailesh Rao
  • Switchboard software Serial entrepreneur and investor Issac Roth
  • Switchboard software CEO, Escape Technologies Ali Jenab
  • Switchboard software Chief Revenue Officer, MightyHive Ming Wu

Randy Shoup

VP Engineering at Stitch Fix

Randy Shoup is a 30-year veteran of Silicon Valley. He has worked as an executive and senior technology leader at companies ranging from small startups to eBay and Google. As VP Engineering at Stitch Fix, he helped lead its engineering team to a successful IPO in 2017, and also served as Chief Architect at Tumbleweed Communications through its IPO in 1999. Randy has spent the last 20 years building, scaling, and operating large-scale services serving hundreds of millions of users—from analytics and business intelligence, to developer platforms and infrastructure, to real-time ecommerce search.

Jay Bala

VP, Analytics Products at Automation Anywhere

Jay is a passionate product builder and entrepreneur with deep expertise in Big Data Analytics, Digital Marketing Solutions, Data Products, and Business Applications built over two decades in business, technology leadership, and founder roles at enterprises and startups. Eight of those years were spent at Informatica (the leading Data Integration company). Jay assists Switchboard with strategic advice related to differentiated go-to-market and in-depth market analysis and competitive intelligence.

Shailesh Rao

Senior Vice President, Palo Alto Networks

Shailesh brings 20-years of global business and technology experience spanning sales, product management, marketing, operations, and strategy development in a variety of cloud infrastructure and enterprise application markets. Currently he is SVP at Palo Alto Networks and is responsible for their global Cortex business. Previously he was COO at BrowserStack, a testing infrastructure company. He spent seven years at Google leading the Google Cloud platform business since inception in 2011. Before Google he was SVP for cloud solutions at SAP and other stops include Salesforce and Siebel Systems. Shailesh advises Switchboard on sales and go-to-market strategy.

Issac Roth

Serial entrepreneur and investor

Issac Roth is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor. He was most recently CTO at IBM's Hybrid Cloud Integration group, and founding CEO at StrongLoop, which was acquired by IBM in 2015. Issac is also known for creating Red Hat OpenShift out of Red Hat cloud technologies and teams plus Makara, the PaaS startup where he was co-founder and CEO. He led this effort as Red Hat PaaS Master from 2010 to 2013. He is one of the Wily Mafia and has served as a Venture Advisor at Shasta Ventures focused on Cloud, Mobile, and Big Data. Issac advises Switchboard on product and technology strategy.

Ali Jenab

CEO, Escape Technologies

Ali is responsible for the direction of Escape, combining a unique and forward-looking vision. He began his career at Amdahl Corporation, a mainframe computer company, where he spent 17 years rising from an Engineer to President of the Server and Storage division. He also headed SourceForge and Zetta, both technology companies. Ali is passionate about setting goals, achieving business results, being part of a team and working with bright people on a daily basis. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, wife, and two sons. Ali works with Switchboard in business and corporate capacity, specifically working with Switchboard on growth strategy.

Ming Wu

Chief Revenue Officer, MightyHive

Ming was the former EVP at SolarCity, President at Accuen, and Brand Advertising lead at Yahoo. As Executive Vice President of Marketing at SolarCity Ming combined strategy, creativity, data, and technology to deliver a superior brand experience to consumers. Prior to joining SolarCity, Ming was President of Accuen, the data-driven agency that transformed the art and science of marketing for Omnicom Media Group, the world's second-largest marketing and communications holding company. His business grew five-fold and was regularly credited on earnings calls as their stock doubled over four years. Ming advises Switchboard on Digital Media.