Time. Talent. Revenue.

ROI Across the Data Value Chain

Switchboard's cloud-hosted solution makes your data accessible and actionable.
Accelerate time-to-market for analytics and lower Total Cost of Ownership.
Free up your analyst and dev resources from the tedious and error-prone work of data management.

Time ROI

24 weeks


Deploy Switchboard
2 weeks

  • Cost Effective
    Switchboard costs 70% less on average than DIY
  • Time-to-Market
    Go-live in days vs. months
  • Efficient
    Eliminate constant maintenance
  • Turnkey
    Leverage world-class data processing and automation expertise

“If you’re trying to do what Switchboard does on your own as an advertiser or publisher—you’re doing it wrong. It would have cost an estimated $400K+ and at least six months if we built this ourselves; not to mention maintenance and ownerships costs.”

— Chris Martin, COO of MightyHive

Talent ROI




  • No IT/Dev Support Costs
    Hosted platform eliminates support overhead
  • Unlock Internal Talent
    Eliminate time-consuming and manual busywork
  • Real-Time KPIs
    Drive business decisions with the freshest data available
  • 24/7/365 Alerting
    Automatic alerts help to guard your data

Yield & Efficiency ROI

Manual Yield




up to $1.65M
in additional revenue

  • Drill-Down Yield Metrics
    eCPM, Sell-Through, Availability across the business
  • Blended KPIs
    Join datasets to derive Revenue per Pageview, Sessions, User
  • Revenue Capacity
    Consolidated revenue across direct, programmatic, O&O/partner
  • Inventory Forecast
    Updated forecasts available at your team’s fingertips

Proven Customer ROI

Switchboard is designed for the demands of leading media companies like VICE and MightyHive—see
their ROI highlights below, and read the full case studies for complete details on our Customer Page.

VICE Media MightyHive
  • VICE accelerated complex big-data initiative by 6-9 months
  • Saved estimated 9,000 person-hours globally
  • Automated management of 50TB/year of log data with no additional IT overhead
  • Normalizes data from 60 billion transactions per month
  • Saved estimated $400K vs building in-house
  • 225x increase in reporting capacity vs. manual systems