Automated Data Insights
for Digital Media

Turnkey Business Solution: No Dev Overhead, Same Quarter ROI

Revenue Capacity
Revenue Capacity

Consolidate revenue, sell-through and eCPM across direct, programmatic, O&O, and partner channels.

Programmatic Activity
Programmatic Activity

View deal activity, types and revenue metrics as a single business, across a range of exchanges and partners.

Inventory Forecasts
Inventory Forecasts

Explore forecasted inventory, available/reserved or viewable, always up-to-date without repeated manual reports.

Campaign Performance
Campaign Performance

Monitor campaigns by advertiser, network, creative, audience, region and more.

Switchboard is an end-to-end data solution for digital media. Merging deep digital media knowledge with Google-bred big data processing and automation expertise, Switchboard is the only solution that automates the entire process from extracting raw data to delivering it as business-ready insights.

Tame the Lumascape

Display, Programmatic, Viewability, Audience; APIs, file servers, logs; Today’s digital media teams face an ever-growing variety of reports, data sources, and formats. Switchboard enables media businesses to consolidate all their data sources, normalize and join disparate data, and monitor data health—all on a real-time basis.

Digital Media

VICE Saved 9,000 Person Hours with Switchboard

Switchboard continues to deliver results for VICE Media, a premier online video and lifestyle destination. Up and running on Switchboard in less than two weeks, VICE immediately began the productionizing and analyzing of log-level ad server data. VICE relies on Switchboard to manage DFP, DBM, AdX, YouTube, and non-Google data including Moat, OpenX, IndexExchange, Rubicon, and Operative. Results at VICE include:

est. 9,000
person hours saved vs. in-house development
per year ad and bidding data ingested with zero ops overhead
9 months
for key business initiatives

The First End-to-End Data Solution for Digital Media

Switchboard is a fully managed, cloud-hosted data operations solution. Leading media businesses use Switchboard to leverage their own data in making real-time, impactful revenue and strategy decisions. Switchboard unifies and governs disparate data sources without additional dev resources, freeing your teams from maintaining custom code or IT tooling.

  • Turnkey Connectors — Standardized and rapid setup with just a single credential
  • Data Quality and Normalization — Automatically detect bad or malformed data
  • No-Code Data Transforms — Analysts, BI, and data engineering stay agile by editing flexible configurations, not writing custom code
  • Monitoring, Alerting, Logging — End-to-End, 24/7/365 coverage and governance for your most critical data
  • Massive Scalability and Rock-Solid Reliability — Built by big data experts, the same system scales from aggregated reports all the way up to event-level logs with no changes

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