We believe easy, real-time access to all data from any channel is within the reach of any digital media team.

Content and advertising data continues to grow every day – challenging publishers with too much information from too many disparate sources, which impedes fast and accurate decision-making.

Switchboard co-founders Ju-kay Kwek and Michael Manoochehri launched Google’s BigQuery Platform in 2010. This team has now brought their expertise to Digital Publishing and Media.

Designed specifically for the unique challenges facing multi-channel publishers, Switchboard is a scalable, cost-effective solution that drives real-time decision making that builds real revenue.

Switchboard aggregates and analyzes content performance, inventory and revenue data without the need for a complex chain of legacy BI and ETL tools or the pain of on-premise infrastructure. Working with pioneering advertising and publishing customers, we’ve built the next-generation decision platform that will accelerate any CRO, data analyst, or IT pro focused on optimizing content and advertising performance.

Our Team

Ju-kay Kwek

Co-founder, CEO

Ju-kay oversees Strategy, Sales and Product at Switchboard. He launched Google BigQuery in 2011 as one of the founding executives of Google’s Cloud Platform business unit. In that role, he partnered with a Top-5 global agency to build the world’s largest DoubleClick & Audience Analytics pipeline. Ju-kay also launched Google Feedback in 2010 and worked on Google’s global datacenter infrastructure going back to 2008. Prior to Google, Ju-kay did product management and engineering at Wily Technology, before its acquisition by CA Technologies. He cut his teeth on enterprise software at SAP. Ju-kay holds MS and BA degrees from Carnegie Mellon University.

Michael Manoochehri

Co-founder, CTO

Michael manages Technology and Customer Success at Switchboard. He spent four years at Google building the BigQuery and App Engine developer ecosystem. Before the Internet of Things was cool, he created a real time crowd reporting tool for Google’s I/O conference connecting hundreds of wireless sensors. Prior to Google, Michael did startup engineering at ManyMoon (acquired by Salesforce), and spent a number of years working in digital broadcast media and technology publications. He earned degrees in Information Management and Biology at UC Berkeley.

Stacy Kerkela

VP of Engineering

Simply put, Stacy Gets Things Done. A former engineering manager at both Facebook and Google, she also happens to be one of Switchboard’s fastest coders. Stacy has deep distributed systems experience, having worked on Google’s Knowledge Graph, App Engine site reliability, and API hosting infrastructure. She has an MS degree from Stanford University and a BS from Caltech.

Topher Olson

Software Engineer

Topher loves to code. He built the open-source distributed database TreodeDB. Before that Topher spent six years at Google writing tools to manage its data centers, fleet of machines, and multitude of services. Topher also worked at WebMD and Oracle. When not writing features, refactoring code, and sleuthing bugs, he can be found lifting weights, shooting photos and eating. Topher earned his Master’s at UC Santa Cruz, and his Bachelor's at Carnegie-Mellon University.

Gene Conroy-Jones


Gene spends his days crafting intuitive UIs using the latest design standards and frameworks. He enjoys working with enthusiastic teams focussed on tangible enterprise solutions. In his free time, Gene can be found researching the latest and greatest engineering tools, and raising a three year-old and twin boys. If there is any spare time after that, he can be caught snowboarding on the slopes of Whistler or DJing in his garage.

Steve Tsang

Head of Sales

Steve is dedicated to building relationships with customers, helping them to conquer complex data challenges and extract business insights with the proper combination of technology and expertise. Steve's deep SaaS experience following his leadership roles at SpringAhead, DemandTec/IBM and HG Data ensures Switchboard meets and exceeds the expectations of every customer based on their unique needs. In addition to spending time with his wife and two children during his free time, he enjoys sports and is an avid golfer. Steve earned his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the California State University at Sacramento.

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